MK50 Programme

On 23rd January 2017, Milton Keynes will celebrate its 50th anniversary marking the date of the Designation of the New Town.  This gives a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our city, and to present to the world its unique story.  It is also a chance to look into the future, and begin to understand the vision for what Milton Keynes will become.  

In order to deliver this opportunity, we are asking individuals, communities and organisations to collaborate in creating and delivering an inspiring programme of events in which everyone will want to participate.  Milton Keynes Council is co-ordinating the MK50 programme of activity for 2017 but schools, businesses, charities,  venues, individuals and organisations etc. will all have a part to play leading on activities and using their expertise and specialisms to create a vibrant year of celebration.  MK50 will encourage all scales of activity, ensuring that everyone can feel involved, whether at a large-scale cultural event, or a local fair or community or family picnic.  

Visit our Get Involved page for more information about setting up an activity or registering an event.

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) and its major partners believe this anniversary can also deliver a cultural step-change for the city.  By creating a city-wide ‘MK50’ programme we aim to increase cultural development, ambition and capacity for the benefit of citizens and show that Milton Keynes is a great place to live, work and visit.  Moving beyond 2017, and in line with the aspiration to become the UK’s European Capital of Culture in 2023, this will enable Milton Keynes to achieve the cultural vitality, economic strength, cohesive identity and social well-being that characterises a successful city.

MK50 Vision
MK50 will deliver a 50th  anniversary programme for Milton Keynes highlighting its distinctive identity and diversity and creating exciting opportunities for its citizens to celebrate together.  2017 is a milestone towards realising aspirations and establishing Milton Keynes as an international creative and cultural city. 

MK50 Aim
To celebrate locally, and share with the world that Milton Keynes is an amazing place to live, work and visit. MK50 will: 

  • Highlight the civic pride felt across the city and borough
  • Bring diverse communities together in active participation, and
  • Champion distinctive arts, heritage and culture 

MK50 Objectives
The MK50 objectives are to:

  1. Develop and deliver a city-wide events programme that celebrates our unique and diverse city, and which excites and inspires people,
  2. Ensure that activities are aimed at different audiences, and that the programme is inclusive and accessible to all.
  3. Commence step-change investment into the cultural infrastructure of the city,
  4. Establish a new level of city-wide partnership  to enable future major cultural events,
  5. Connect Milton Keynes to its wider region and develop international links,
  6. Position Milton Keynes an international creative and cultural city, known for its distinctive arts and heritage.