Milton Keynes A Living Landscape

Venue: Central Milton Keynes LibraryCentral Milton Keynes Library
Date: 06 Jun 2017 - 06 Jul 2017

An Exhibition Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Milton Keynes

Curated by the Fred Roche Foundation

The Fred Roche Foundation was formed to celebrate the life and achievements of Fred Roche.  Fred was the general manager of Milton Keynes Development Corporation, the organisation which was tasked with implementing and developing the new city.  He was strong believer in the importance of beautiful and functional landscape design, and played a seminal role in establishing the character and identity of Milton Keynes.

The Exhibition

Landscape can be thought of as a green framework, the ‘glue’ that holds our magnificent new city, Milton Keynes, together.  This exhibition celebrates the landscape we all share and enjoy – its creation, its growth into the place we know today, and what we might expect for the future. 

The exhibition forms part of celebrating our new city’s 50th anniversary and has been produced by the Fred Roche Foundation with the generous support of our sponsors.