Imagined Spaces

Venue: MK Central LibraryMK Central Library
Date: 31 May 2017

Imagine your favourite space or place in Milton Keynes however big or small…Got it? Now think about how that space might look in 50 years time. Come and create your own future space with creative producer Sophia Kyprianou using a variety of creative techniques including flip book drawing, stop animation, photography, film and sound. Get inventive and explore how you can combine different artistic skills to step into your own space 50 years into the future, anything is possible! Suitable for ages 6+. This event is part of Digitalis, a season of digital adventures in Milton Keynes produced by Threshold Studios running until September 2017. Check the Digitalis website for full season listings.

TIMES: 10am-12pm and 1.30-3.30pm