Laura Cooper Artists Workshop - Softening the Grid

Venue: Milton Keynes Arts CentreMilton Keynes Arts Centre
Date: 27 May 2017
Time: 11:00 to - 16:00

Through this workshop, participants will investigate how MK's gridded structure envelops and holds its inhabitants—human and non-human— both physically and psychologically. Guided by a series of encounters, intersections, entanglements that counter and yet celebrate what the grid contains, participants will take part in actions and processes that ‘soften the grid’.

Together we will explore how to perfomatively re-imagine the town by inhabiting the grid through the guise of other species, considering how prey and predator animals respond to the grid and the division of space in this unique town. By embodying the senses of other beings, or species, the workshop hopes to stimulate consideration of the way the structure of the grid, and it’s dizzying roundabouts, affects residents’ sense of rhythm, space and containment and therefore provide a way for all residents and visitors alike to relate to the space afresh.